Custom Motorcycle Kits

A custom motorcycle kit is an excellent way to get started as a custom bike builder. Having your bike designed is a cool thing, not only do you get a profound knowledge of motorcycle, but you get a sense of pride because you built it yourself. But for that process to be successful, you’ll have a lot of planning to do from listing parts you need to functional designing, sticking to your budget, etc. It requires a lot of hard work, as many builders find they can’t afford the expenses at later stages or they left out some crucial design structure, etc. Hence, many people opt for standard motorcycle kits.

custom kits

Pros of custom motorcycle kits

– It saves thousands of your dollars.

– You can start your own business, by selling your built bike for more than you spend.

– It is already planned out. You know what you are doing, you design the structure and make sure that it rides able. This gives you a peace of mind and provides you with the focus on building the best bike.

– It gives you a solid package of all parts.

Cons of custom motorcycle kits

– It does not give the flexibility of buying all parts individually.

– Overloading of rear suspension as too must be unsprung weight.

– It may lead to harsher ride due to too much rubber on the road.

– You can’t corner clearance as there isn’t anything.

Standard motorcycle kits are more expensive as they save you the added trouble of building your bike yourself. Some pros and cons of standard motorcycle kits are:


– Adjustable suspension, lots of power and great brakes.

– If you have the skills, you can ride at the fastest speed.

– Top speed with actual race car levels of acceleration.

– Highest tech is available with stylish good looks.


– For riding competently, high level of skill is required.

– Not comfortable for long distance travelling.

– Dangerous option for beginners.

– Very narrow focus on performance.

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Electric Motorcycle Guide

Whether you are looking for an efficient and dependable way to get around, or you are craving a little adventure in your life, electric motorcycles may just be precisely what you are looking for. These bikes are safe to ride on the street and were designed to be quick, energy efficient and a “greener” option in travelling.

Electric scooters and motorcycles are the latest technological discovery that is creating a rage across the world. A good electric motorcycle is designed for comfort and comes with a storage compartment and will also be steady for smooth cornering. These scooters and motorcycles will never let one down especially while considering the fashion quotient because these are made accessible in the world market in a wide array of models and lively colours. Overall one will be confident of an economical means of transport that will offer one the same speed as that of a scooter that is fuel based and also being light in weight.


Benefits Of The Electrical Scooter.



Unlike petrol scooters, bikes and mopeds, these run on battery. These electric scooters are exceptional because they possess the capacity of carrying more weight and also have a detachable seat. Along with being very

Unlike petrol scooters, bikes and mopeds, these run on battery. These electric scooters are exceptional because they possess the capacity of carrying more weight and also have a detachable seat. Along with being very nippy they are also incredibly easy to carry. Designed uniquely for comfortably accommodating a single person, it also helps in maintaining a consistent balance devoid of giving out from its steering control. Since it runs on battery, it is safe for the environment

Unlike petrol scooters, bikes and mopeds, these run on battery. These electric scooters are exceptional because they possess the capacity of carrying more weight and also have a detachable seat. Along with being very nippy they are also incredibly easy to carry. Designed uniquely for comfortably accommodating a single person, it also helps in maintaining a consistent balance devoid of giving out from its steering control. Since it runs on battery, it is safe for the environment

low running cost

Lower running cost

when it comes to the price of an electric scooter and motorcycle, it is initially higher. However, later this will become lower because it will cost just pennies to charge it from the mains

Built for safety

When it comes to electric scooters, its safety standards are extremely high. Together with padding for elbows and knees and a helmet, one is all set to experience a safe means of transportation. No wonder it is safe for kids too

Easy to move

Compact and lightweight, these scooters and motorcycles are incredibly easy to transport. Besides, it is easy to store too, as it takes up the petite amount of space. Thus, it proves handy for those who have limited storage space. This makes it highly space-efficient

Little upkeep

Besides wiping the scooter occasionally, its maintenance is minimal. This acts as a huge advantage as it will keep the owner worry free about getting his two-wheeler fixed and also having to spend for costly repairs

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Replaceable parts

After using the scooter several times, purchasing new parts is affordable and easy. Parts such as batteries and belts can be replaced easily so that the electric two-wheeler can be used for several years. In fact, it can also be passed from one generation to another, with just the damaged parts replaced.

Electric motorcycles are lightweight which makes them easy to store. This would be an excellent purchase for someone who lives in a home with a small garage, or even an apartment. Anyone who makes numerous short trips every day is sure to get the most bangs for their buck with these fast little bikes.

electric bike 2015

These futuristic travelling machines have an engine that is powered by none other than electricity. Many models simply require the appropriate batteries, and newer models are coming out that will offer other powering options as well.Its environmental compatibility, affordable replaceable parts, and durability have made the electric scooters and motorcycles a win-win situation both for parents and children involved. Apart from the benefits as mentioned above, the list includes much more. In fact, girls have tried their hands on these scooters and have found it to be much simpler to handle compared to mopeds.

You need to look constantly at the energy standing of the battery; it must match up the energy score from the tracks you employ. A great suggestion is by using bigger rating enterprise and battery, the, even more, the voltage you provide you with the more efficient speed you receive. On the other hand, many people favour possessing a lot more workout on their series so that they might use a reduced powered battery.

electric scooters

The Power Source Of Electric Scooters

Most of the electric scooters these days are equipped with the help of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. However, some early period models use batteries made of nickel- metal hydride.

Charging Of The Scooter

The charging of all electric scooters and motorcycles is provided by plugging into the wall outlets that are the most ordinary. It usually takes around eight hours to recharge it. Some of the manufacturers have also designed and include the high power CHAdeMO level 2 charger as an essential accessory. This can help in charging all the batteries up at least 95 percent in a single hour.

The Battery Swapping

Most of the prominent manufacturers have also designed the important machines that help in swapping the batteries as quickly as possible. For various apartment dwellers who might not have a good garage outlet or are always on the go, this battery swapping can be very helpful.

All though it may seem a bit of a hassle to power up your bike before each use, you must first consider all of the advantages which far outweigh this task. Unlike motorcycles that use fuel, electric motorcycles are virtually silent, environmentally safe and often include battery packs that can be charged at any plug-in outlet. You will have a much easier time finding a parking spot, and you will be making considerably fewer trips, if any, to your local gas station. These small wonders use about twenty-five percent of what a standard vehicle uses in gas charges, as electricity charges run much cheaper. Also, these can be ridden indoors which will make you a step above the rest.

electric motorbikes  2016 latest

We recommend that you considering electric motorcycles as your main mode of transportation for these reasons and so much more. With today’s gasoline prices skyrocketing, it is the best transportation anybody could find and driving one will also assist you in doing your part to save the planet as they are one of the most environmentally conscious vehicles you can find.

 Stopping into your local motorsports store would be a good start in locating your very own electric bike, and any motorcycle dealership is sure to have a selection for you to browse as well. If you are on a budget, you may want to check out an online auction website or one of the many private sellers’ websites for a used motorbike. If you go with a used model, always remember to test drive it and inspect it first before you hand the seller your money.

Victory Motorcycles Reviews

Victory Motorcycles is an American motorcycle brand, headquartered in Spirit Lake, Dickinson County, Northern Iowa. The company is a subsidiary of Polaris Industries, a leading American manufacturer of Snowmobiles. Despite its short history, Victory Motorcycles has managed to give vibrancy to the American V.Twin engine industry.

It all goes back to 1998 during the V92C went on sale as the first Victory. Victory Motorcycles was meant to provide the US market with an American-made motorcycle that could compete directly with Harley-Davidson. Victory is faithful to the American tradition of heavy motorcycles, similar in style to Harley-Davidson. The V92C took the American motorcycle market by storm and was rated as second largest production motorcycle engine of the time. Victory Motorcycles monopolises the motorcycle market locally and internationally with a variety of products:

  • Cruisers: Victory cruisers are ideal for all types of roads and landscape. They have high-performance on the highway and up the mountain alike. They are designed in such a way to make them suitable for downtown and inter-city driving. They come in a variety of models: The Vegas 8-bull, Gunner, High Ball, Vegas and Hammer.


  • 1200CC: It is advertised by the company as “the New American MuscleBike”. This motorcycle combines performance and comfort. It is lightweight and fit for speed. It comes in one model, the 2017 VICTORY® OCTANE™


  • Touring: These motorcycles are designed for touring. They are distinguished by their low seat height and a whole range of electronics. Touring motorcycles in either model VISION or CROSS COUNTRY TOUR® can take you on a tour at a speed between 150 and 300 miles.


  • Electric: There is only one electric model available in the market by Victory, EMPULSE® TT.


  • Baggers: Baggers come in four different models. They are ideal for those who want elegance and performance at the same time. The different models are CROSS COUNTRY 8-BALL®, CROSS COUNTRY®, MAGNUM®, and MAGNUM® X-1 STEALTH EDITION.



victory motorcycles

The reputation of Victory Motorcycles is soaring, as they have revived the V.Twin engine industry. They are unique in maintaining the authenticity of the heavy motorcycles tradition, while at the same up keeping up with technological advances.

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Custom Motorcycle Seats Guide

Harley’s Own Custom Seats

When you decide to buy a bike in London that can be Harley-Davidson too. It’s often all about style, history and personality. That’s why most of you will eventually come to think about a custom seat. Consider this: the beautiful leather pattern (often sewn with flames on them on custom motorcycle seats) is like you putting your personality into the bike. It’s your touch of uniqueness that connects you to the machine.

Harley themselves offer custom-stitched patterns, you can create a sketch or have an artist design one for you and send it in. You can also pick and choose whichever you like best from many of their suggestions like some classic look, old-school nostalgic motives. Remember your custom choice can be delivered with just the same precision and quality. The leather is top-notch and embroidering world class. You can’t go wrong dealing straight from the original manufacturer but there are also many different options out there with some nuances here and there and a big price range for whatever your wallet can allow which I’m going to discuss; Harley is simply where most people would think to go and that wouldn’t be a mistake at all.


–The Best Custom Seat Makers Out There

-Rich’s custom motorcycle seats:

Rich is a simply a pioneer and I’m not just saying that I really do mean it. With his over 30 years of experience he know his trade through and through. You can always expect the best and only the very best from him. He’s a leader and always has been in his field and his extremely long list of customers have only good things to say about doing business with his company. You can use his website to ship your seat of if you are nearby just go to the shop and they’ll happily treat your custom order.

custom seats

-Day-Long custom motorcycle seats | Russell Cycle :

Day-Long offers something different. First of all their touring saddle has a patented shock suppression system for maximum comfort, both for one or two passengers on the motorcycle. Of course they offer custom designs but one very nice thing about Day-Long is that they have a production schedule, meaning you get to stay informed on what is happening and when. You can know when you’ll be ready to hit the road again.

custom seats

-Mustang custom motorcycle seats:

If you visit Mustang’s website you’ll notice one thing immediately. A LOT more information and sections to visit and an active community and communication with the customers. They have a page called Motorcycle Seats 101 where you can get familiar with the basics of custom seats and they use independent artisans and put them in contact with customers directly.

popular seat designs

–What are the three most popular seat designs?

Going from experience and from what I’ve seen over the years and what sells online and in shops these are the three most commonly seen types of seats you may encounter on a day to day basis. Some seats are large and cushy and others are simple leather over a small sized metal seat so let me cover the most obvious things that need clarifying first by describing the most widespread kinds of saddles out there on the roads (and in some garages sadly). There are many others and it’s hard to know how many of each there are in reality.

solo seat

-The Solo seat is the ultimate classic, the original seat seen and remembered from the iconic WW2 motorcycles (hugely popular in the recent custom motorcycles movement) to current day motorcycles. They still look as good as they did on the first day, or in this case the first seat. There are thin and long banana bicycle type seats, round seats, seats with or without a backrest. They are the simplest and cheapest to customise considering their size and shape. If you like a compact stance on your bike this is the seat of choice and there’s no contest. My personal favourite is the small bicycle size seats, they may not be the most comfortable but they look so elegant.

-The Two-Piece or duo seat which is basically an added passenger seat to your original solo seat, it’s not quite as comfortable as the “Wide Touring” I’ll describe next but it’s for the same purpose. If you want to ride with two people on your bike but not have a bigger sized seat this is your choice. Many models have removable back supports so you can take it off when going solo if it bothers you. It can cause drag too for the speed freaks.

-The super comfortable “Wide Touring” type of seats which are on pretty much every casual rider’s motorcycle (and for good reason). It’s almost better than sitting on your couch and you get to watch the world instead of a screen, how cool of a deal is that. They are absolutely great for riding in duo without being pushed against each other especially if you have good back support for the passenger.

custom leather motorcycle seat

–Why should I buy a custom leather motorcycle seat anyway?

Additionally from the added stylishness to your bike, it’s usually to increase your comfort while riding. The comfort of your bike saddle is very important during a long ride when you sit in the same position for possibly hours on end. It is sometimes enough to make a slight modification to a seat for the comfort required for long distances and days spent sitting on your seat.

When you deal with custom seat makers, they reduce the number of pressure points appearing on your seat by changing the seams, the foam and shape of the seat. We can easily fix problems like the seat being a little too high for you to comfortably touch the floor and feel stable easily while stopped or the weird inclination of the seat pushes the driver of the bike towards the fuel tank. Maybe the passenger constantly leans on the driver making driving more dangerous and simply less fun than when you’re comfortably positioned. The driver or passenger seat is too hard and becomes uncomfortable after less than an hour? That’s an easy fix. The seat is too wide causing pain to the inner thighs and chaffing at the end of the day? Simply a question of resizing it to your own measurements.


Indian Motorcycles Guide 2016

It is rightly said that “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy an Indian Motorcycle, and that is the kind of the same thing”. In 1897 George M.Hendee founded a bicycle called the Hendee Manufacturing company which later was shortened to just “Indian”. Indian is an American brand of motorcycles. During 1910s Indian became the most popular motorcycle brand in the world with its two most popular model, first is The Scout and second is the Chief. Indian motorcycles are a giant company of bikes. It has been ruling the market from past 40 years. We can say that Indian motorcycles are the epitome of excellence. In this Indian Motorcycle Guide, we’ll tell introduce you with different motorcycles from Indian.


indian chief 2014

2014 Indian Chief

The Indian chief is one of the most successful models of Indian Motorcycle Company. Underlying the classic exterior of the new chief has fulfilled almost all the necessary requirements of the target market. The frame of this bike is the stiffest frame available in the segment. This model has got a unique modular design which is incorporated by aluminium castings, forgings, and steel elements. Interestingly the Chieftain Model gave Indian an aggressive geometry steering and a short wheelbase which makes this model unique.

The comfort of an Indian chief is very good, and the handling of this bike is also very good. The engine is very smooth yet very powerful. These bikes are very popular and are a hit as it fulfils some latest technology. Indian chief has all the classic elements that identify it as a part of the Indian motorcycle heritage including the logo. This model holds claim to being the first Indian bike to have a hard fairing. The price of this bike is $38,184.

This model is powered by the triple thunder stroke of 111 engine with liquid cooling that produces 119.2 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm. The 2014 Indian Chief Vintage also uses the same chassis as the Chief Classic. This model is very comfortable and charismatic. There are an amazing six superbly spaced gears help you manoeuvre this heavy steel easily at low speeds. So like every bike this bike also has pros and cons, they are


  1. One of the most amazing thing about this model is the lively engine. This bike engine is smooth yet very powerful.
  2. This bike is very comfortable, especially for long drives.
  3. It has a positive retro look and feel which attracts the target customers.


  1. The placement of the driving light switch is very hard to reach.
  2. The price of this model is very high, it rough around 25 lakhs.
  3. This bike is the heavyweight. The 2014 Indian Chief Vintage weighs 10kg more than the chief classic.




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The Indian Road Master

If you are searching for a bike which is a perfect mixture of luxury and innovation, then you probably are looking for The Indian Road master. It is undoubtedly the best bike for those who are bike lovers and love travelling a long distance on a bike. It is one of the best touring bikes as it is comfortable both for the rider and the passenger. If you do not want to get cramps from long bike rides, then go for Indian road master which assures comfortable long distance travelling.

The features of the bike are really out of the world some of them being, a power adjustable windscreen, dual heated seats heated grips tire pressure monitoring system, ABS keyless ignition electronic cruise control last but not the least Blue tooth connectivity. In 2016 the bike is available in many more colour options like a blue diamond, two-tone storm grey and thunder black and Springfield blue and cream. It has a storage of 143 litres and also has Thunder Stroke 111 engine. You get all these amazing features at $27999.


It has a detachable top box which is big enough to hold two full-face helmets

It has wider, thicker and better-padded seats.

It has a small LED display that shows a variety of information


The seat is close to the ground

It causes slow speed manoeuvrability.

It does not have a full-color display.

indian chief classic

Indian Chief Classic

As the name itself suggests this motorcycle has a very classic design. The Best part about the bike is that although the makers have gone up with the innovation, it has always maintained its classic designs. The makers have made sure to give importance to little details of the bike which is why the bike cost $40430 approximately. It has an analogue speedometer.

It also has a digital display screen which shows information regarding the fuel and other data regarding the ride. This bike has six-speed transmissions. You realise the weight of the bike only if you are taking sharp turns or U-turns. It has got other features like ABS. Cruise control, Oil cooler, Needless to mention the breaks are very powerful. It is just a perfect mixture of classic design and latest technology.


The clutch is extremely light when compared to the engine size.

  1. It can pull perfectly from lower rpm.
  1. The acceleration in the six gears is very quick.


  1. The first and second gear have lower power band.
  1. The engine can bother the legs at a lower speed.
  1. The price is too high.




indian vs harley

Indian Vs Harley

When we hear about these two bikes on word comes to our mind that is a legacy. These two brands are the leading brand of the best, and stylish bike produced. Harley-Davidson and Indian stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. Below are some points regarding the comparison between Indian and Harley-Davidson

  1. The price of Indian motorcycles is pretty much high than that of Harley Davidson bikes.
  1. Indian motorcycles use a geared primary drive, whereas Harley Davidson bikes use the chain ones.
  1. When it comes to fuel, Indian motorcycles are not known as the fuel economy bikes compare to Harley Davidson bikes. Fueling is much better in Harley bikes which makes the Harley’s engine much smoother.
  1. In the case of Harley-Davidson you can rebuild or repair it anywhere because parts are available most everywhere but in the case of Indian, you cannot get parts from everywhere.
  1. Indian company in the last couple of years has only produced cruisers which are a very specific style which very less handful of people uses, but Harley has launched many sports killer models that have attracted the youth mass a lot.



Indian motorcycle is one of the giant company producing bikes which gives you retro feeling. These bikes are very smooth and have a very powerful engine. These features of these bikes are very good and target a good level of customers. However, as it has advantages it also has few disadvantages like price, few features, fueling, etc.


A Guideline on How to make your motorbike kit

Making a custom motorbike kit is exciting and a difficult job. Therefore, we have simplified it in our step by step guide to building a custom bike kit.

  • The Marking phase- This is the process of installing every part of the motorcycle on the frame to ensure that they all fit.


  • Make a bike stand using wood if you do not have one already and unpack the purchased parts on the stand.


  • Have the essential motorcycle tools kit ready and complete with the necessary and various types and sizes of tools.



motorbike kit

  • To install the top free, first, take the frame to the ground to provide solid support and knock the bearing cups into the frame notch. Set the cup on the notch ensuring that the pin is aligned. Using a brass hammer and punch hit the bearing cups into the notch in the frame.


  • Return the frame back to the motorcycle stand and put a dust cover on the bearing cups. The dust cover offers protection to the bearings and also acts as a seam. Ensure you purchase cup bearings with bearings already installed from the manufacturers.


  • Put the lower tapered bearing, tapered head bolt and the lower fork clump and hand tighten because you want to ensure every part fits.


  • Put nylon bushings in. In addition to that, install two chrome washers on the top as well as the motorcycle bar handle. Install the centre sleeves so that it doesn’t over compress the brushing on the bolts. Afterwards, tighten the bolts with nuts.




motorbike oils

  • Turn the front side to the tightening side of the fork stop and use a wrench to moderately tighten while ensuring that the front side can still move side wisely.


  • To install the lower leg of the front end, apply small amounts of never sees on the inside areas of the lower clamp and the ID of the upper area. This prevents scratching of the leg when sliding the form in.
  • Ensure that you do not twist the form unless when necessary as to have it in as straight as possible. Remember always to use never sees on threads. Use a cap assembly socket to tighten the caps.
  • The right-hand leg is the one with a large hole in the pinch that allows the axle to pass from the right to the left and is standard for custom made motorcycles.
  • Put the left leg and close the top bolt with the use of a socket with an appropriate size. Pay close attention to the top bolts of the bike cause it is easy to scratch the chrome and damage the motorcycle parts purchased. It is advisable to put a masking tape in the socket to prevent a scratch film from occurring on the bolt when tightening it. Wipe the tube off with a paper towel.



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  • To slide the frame onto the tyre, ask for assistance in lifting the frame and take extra care to avoid damaging the parts. You could also use a scissor jack and a ratchet strap to put the frame onto the tyre. Strap and Ratchet across the back of the frame behind the tube so that when you lift the chassis up, you can slide the frame forward onto the tire. You can use the scissor jack to lift the chassis up. Ensure that you check the rigidity of the strap.
  • Assemble the wheel with a rotor, bolts and spacers that have been set up from the manufactures to set the tire and to set the front Indian correctly. If the spaces haven’t been setup, you would have to build and chime and manufacture the spacing and calculate to set the wheels. It is advisable to go for the one that has been set up. Find the balance of the wheel. Apply the never sees on the slide through an area of the axle to make it slide through the bearings easily. Tighten the axle nut.




motorbike kit in use

  • Assemble the rear pulley and the bolts. Install the rear pub and ensure that you use the appropriate size of the bolts on the wheels. Ensure that the minimum twerk values are met on the buttons. Mount the tyre, put air in it and balance. Put the wheel spacers on the pulley. Place the front bolts on the shock on the left and right-hand sides frame. Install the two pivot bolts on the lower swing arms of the quad link and ensure that they are finger tight after applying never sees. Place two duct tapes on the back for protecting the chrome from scratches. Assemble the two rear hubs and install them on the lower swing arms and gently fix the, ensuring not to force them in.
  • Use the ratchet strap and the scissor jack to again move the frame to the rear tire. Slide the axle through the tire and tighten the axle nut.
  • Once every part fits, permanently tighten all the bolts and caps. Finishing Step- This involves mounting the engine, transmission and gas tank.
  • Mount the engine on the top motor mount bracket and the two mounting plates. It is fastened in the three points to ensure stability and prevent it from getting loose.
  • Mount the forward control adapters so as to install the forward controls. They are found on the forward motor mounting.
  • Install the gas tank on the tank clips using bolts.
  • Install the transmission plate at the back on the bottom of the centre post and bound the transmission.
  • Fix the seat clips on the wishbone on the frame and mount the seat on the clips. Ensure you only mount the seat after you have done any required painting on the frame so that you do not ruin the seat’s design.


  • To install the brakes in the motorbike, fix a calliper on each side of the wheels with a pair of rotors. Choose the appropriate type of brake fluid. Afterwards, do the wiring to connect the brake pads to the callipers and rotors.


Copdock Bike Show

A show for classic motorcycle enthusiasts, the Copdock bike show is an annual event held in Ipswich and the 25th anniversary will be on October 2nd, 2016. It takes place at Trinity Park in Ipswich and is dubbed as ‘The largest and friendliest Motorbike show in East Anglia. Camrider Motorcycle Training, a local bike riding trainers, are the sponsors of the event and every year they ensure the attendees leave looking forward to the next as is evident with the vast number of people that show up. Last year, it was attended by 10,000 members of the public.

The show has many attractions including undercover bike show that has various show classes. Many traders come to showcase their bikes in the many stands at the show. For people who want to learn to ride, there’s an off-road site set for the purpose of training new riders under the guidance of Camrider instructors. Free bikes, helmets, protective gear and gloves are provided for this all you have to do is register at the entrance. Apart from motorcycles, there are other hospitality tents for food and drinks and also music and dance entertainment. In general, it is a family-themed show.

Every year there is a guest-of-honor for the show and on the 25th anniversary of the show, it will be Jim Redman a former MBE six-time world champion and TT winner. To conclude the show a classic customized motorcycle is awarded to one lucky winner. In the 2015 show, the bike was a 1975 classic Honda CB400.

Tickets for the show are available in advance and at the gate with adults paying £10 at the gate and £8.50 in advance. Kids under 14 enter free as long as they are in the company of adults.

Carroll Shelby Teams With Rucker Performance To Build Ultimate American Performance Motorcycle

American Motorcycle

Source: Webuyanybike 

One of the highlights of the recently held V-Twin Expo at Cincinnati was the unveiling of the all-new Shelby motorcycle. The limited edition high-performance motorcycle was developed in partnership with Rucker Performance and famed automobile designer Carroll Shelby.

“It’s no secret that stuffing a powerful American motor into a lightweight chassis has been my formula for success,” noted Carroll Shelby, CEO of Shelby Automobiles. “Working with Bill Rucker and his team, we’ve taken this same approach on the new Shelby motorcycle. My team at Shelby Automobiles has worked closely with Rucker Performance to create a motorcycle that offers the same thrill as driving my Cobra.” Continue reading

X-Wedge Engine Details

X-Wedge EngineS&S Cycle has released further details about its new X-Wedge engine, which by all accounts is destined to become the premiere power plant of many American motorcycles.

With a large 4.125-inch bore, the 117-cubic-inch engine has the same stroke (4.375 inches) as a Harley TC96 engine. The 2-inch intake and 1.6-inch exhaust valves are arranged in what S&S calls its Cross Wedge design, and a toothed belt drives the crankcase-located drive gear. Cylinder angle is 56.25 degrees. The engine has the potential to be enlarged to 139 inches. Continue reading

Milestone Motorcycle

Milestone MotorcycleThe names of car companies stand out as milestones in the landscape of American technical achievement, icons recognized around the world, many named after the people who started them.

Examples include Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford, but none stands out in the minds and hearts of sports car/performance enthusiasts more than the name Shelby. Carroll Shelby is a national treasure that has smoked tires across the psyche of anyone growing up in the 1960’s He has made a lasting impression on anyone who saw, heard and felt one of his 289- or 427-cubic inch Ford powered Cobra open two-seater, his Daytona coupe, or the Shelby Mustang GT-all dream cars of several generations of car enthusiasts. Continue reading